Alternative Ways to Wear Fitbit (How to Wear Fitbit!)

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are specifically designed for the wrist (on the non-dominant hand) however, today I am going to provide you with alternative ways you can wear them other than on the wrist.

I would recommend this post to nurses or those in professions that don’t allow anything on the wrist. Because it highlights 5 alternative ways to wear Fitbit Versa, Sense, Luxe, Inspire, and Charge other than on the wrist. Therefore, without wasting time let’s begin.

5 Exciting Ways to Wear Your Fitbit (Apart from the Wrist)

1. Wear Your Fitbit as an Ankle Band

The first alternative spot you can place Fitbit on is your ankle. Examples of Fitbit trackers that will go well on the ankle include Fitbit Inspire, Luxe, and Charge. To wear your Fitbit on the ankle you will need an ankle strap. The ankle strap is an important accessory; it holds Fitbit firmly on the ankle when you run, cycle, or do any vigorous activity that requires frequent movement of the legs.

Fitbit devices calculate steps accurately even when they are worn on the ankle however, I have a problem with this alternative, and the problem is you get inaccurate heart rate, and SpO2 data.

2. Wear Your Fitbit as a Necklace or Pendant

If the ankle isn’t where you want your Fitbit to be try it around the neck. You can buy a necklace strap from Amazon, attach your Fitbit Sense,  Luxe, Charge, Versa, or Inspire on it, and then hang it around your neck and look stylish when you head out to parties or date nights.

Note this, When you wear Fitbit as a pedant or necklace you track anything, and if anything is tracked e.g. your steps, calories, or distance expect the information to be inaccurate. 

3. Wear Your Fitbit as a ClipOn Tracker

You need a clip-on device if you want to wear Fitbit anywhere on your body. With the help of this device, you will buckle Fitbit firmly on your belt, bra, band on your leg, waistband, etc.

You can easily retrieve your Fitbit from the clip when it’s time to charge. This is one of the best alternative ways to wear Fitbit when you want your hand stationary when working out.

With the tacker in constant contact with your body while on the clip you will be able to track some of your starts accurately e.g. heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

4. Wear Your Fitbit as a Scarf

Other than wearing Fitbit on the wrist you can wear it as a scarf; this is one of the most stylish ways to wear Fitbit.

I like the idea of wearing Fitbit as a scarf because in that manner you can wear it as a headband, shawl, or belt around the waist.

To get to wear Fitbit as a scarf and add more color to your outfit buy the Fitbit scarf strap; it is offered at an affordable price on Amazon.

Unfortunately, after wearing your Fitbit as a scarf you are highly likely not to get accurate readings for every activity tracked.

5. Wear Your Fitbit as a Bracelet

You don’t always have to wear your Fitbit on the wrist like a watch,  instead, you can still wear it on the wrist like a bracelet hence adding some style to your outfit. I also like the idea of wearing Fitbit as a bracelet because bracelets blend well with anything from jeans to dresses and T-shirts. For this, you will need a Fitbit bracelet strap which is also offered at a fair price.

With this alternative, you still keep track of activities however, some of them e.g. heart rate, skin temperature, etc. won’t be monitored accurately because as a bracelet your device will be loose on the wrist.

Frequently Asked  Questions

1. What Is the Correct Way to Wear A Fitbit?

The correct way of wearing a Fitbit Watch as advised by Fitbit is on the wrist and not on the ankle, bra, neck, or scarf. With Fitbit on the wrist, you will also be able to accurately track your health and fitness activities.

2. Can You Keep Fitbit in Your Pocket?

Fitbits smartwatches and activity trackers are designed for the wrist and it’s from the wrist they collect the most accurate data. Tucking Fitbit into your pocket will limit it from collecting the most accurate data. Therefore, only keep Fitbit in your pocket when you don’t want to track activities.

3. Can You Wear Fitbit Somewhere Other Than Your Wrist?

In this post, we have provided you with five alternative ways to wear Fitbit. Wear Fitbit as a  scarf, as a pendant or necklace, as a bracelet, as an ankle band, or as a clip-on tracker. So, yes, Fitbit can be worn elsewhere other than the wrist.

4. Can You Wear Fitbit on Your Ankle?

The ankle is another spot on your body you can wear Fitbit to keep track of your steps more accurately.

Even so, keep this in mind the tracker may fail to track your heart rate accurately when on the ankle.

To secure Fitbit properly on the ankle you will need an ankle band (a link to it has already been provided above).

5. Is Fitbit more accurate on the dominant Hand?

No, Fitbit is not more accurate when worn on the dominant hand. Wear Fitbit on your non-dominant hand if you want more accurate data.

For most people, the non-dominant hand is the left hand however, for the left handed, the non-dominant hand is the one on the left. To set up Fitbit for the dominant hand do follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Fitbit app.
  2. Tap on the Account/Setting icon.
  3. Select your Fitbit Device.
  4. Scroll down to the “Wrist Placement” option and tap on it.
  5. Select a Dominant or Non-dominant hand depending on what you prefer.
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