Are Fitbit Steps Accurate? (Question Answered!)

If you want to track your daily steps, Fitbit watches are a good option as they have the ability to calculate steps. But are Fitbit steps reliable and accurate?

Fitbits function as pedometers to track steps taken throughout the day. While the step count on Fitbit watches may not be entirely accurate, it is still relatively close to the results collected by pedometers. Despite this, Fitbits are useful for providing an estimate of the number of steps taken in a day.

How Does Fitbit Know How Many Steps You Take?

Fitbit devices such as Sense, Versa, Inspire or Luxe come equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer that helps to track your steps. This feature calculates your movement patterns, pace, frequency and intensity. However, if the accelerometer malfunctions, it could cause the Fitbit to inaccurately track steps or even fail to track them altogether.

Ways to Make Fitbit Count Steps More Accurately

Although the step count results on Fitbit may not be entirely accurate, there are ways to make them more precise. See the tips below:

1. Place Fitbit Properly on the Hand

For accurate step tracking with your Fitbit, it’s important to wear it properly on your wrist. The sensors on the back of the device need to be in constant contact with your skin to provide the best results. If the watch is worn too loosely, your steps may not be counted accurately.

2. Place Fitbit on the Non-Dominant Wrist

For more accurate step count readings, it is recommended to wear your Fitbit on your non-dominant hand. This is because the dominant hand is constantly active, which may cause your steps to be overcounted or undercounted.

3. Recalibrate Your Stride Lengths on Fitbit

To improve the accuracy of your step count results, it may be helpful to adjust the length of your strides. Fitbit can use this information to provide more precise measurements.

Does Fitbit Lie About Steps

According to some users, Fitbit watches and trackers may give false step count readings, even though they are a great way to keep track of your daily steps. Therefore, Fitbit devices may lie about your step count.

Why is Fitbit Not Counting Steps

Below is a table summarizing the reasons why Fitbit is not counting steps. Scan it for quick solutions!

 Reason for the ProblemPossible Solution
1.Fitbit is wrongly placed on the wrist.Position the watch properly and tight its bands snugly.
2.The GPS might be on.Turn  off GPS
3.The Fitbit device and app didn’t sync.Ensure your Fitbit is close to the phone. Turn on Bluetooth if off on either devices.
4.Your Fitbit might be outdated.Update the firmware Fitbit.
5.Your Fitbit has developed a glitch or system error.Try to restart your Fitbit.

Here are some reasons why your Fitbit may not be counting steps and how to troubleshoot them:

1. The GPS Might Be On: Turn it GPS Off

Having built-in GPS on your Fitbit Sense, Charge, or Versa is crucial for staying on track during your cycling or running workouts. While this feature is helpful in navigating your routes, it may also negatively impact the accuracy of your Fitbit’s step tracking.

Solution: To fix the issue turn off GPS on Fitbit. Go to your watch’s settings and turn off the GPS setting.

2. Your Fitbit  Needs to be Updated: Update Your Fitbit

If you haven’t updated your Fitbit firmware, it may show inaccurate steps or fail to count them. Fitbit regularly releases firmware updates for their watches, so it’s important to download them to ensure your watch operates as expected.

Solution: To get your Fitbit to start counting and show the correct steps check for the latest firmware update and download if there’s any.

3. Fitbit Has Developed a System Error: Restart Your Fitbit

Your Fitbit watch may not be counting steps accurately because of system glitches and errors.

Solution 1: To get your Fitbit to start counting and showing steps try to restart it. To restart Fitbit press and hold the side button and only release when you see the Fitbit logo appear then give your Fitbit time to restart.

Solution 2: Alternatively, turn Fitbit off and on. To do this, open the quick settings panel, tap on the gear icon, scroll down to the shutdown option, and tap on it. Wait for about 10 to 20 seconds before turning the watch back on.

4. Fitbit is Not Placed Properly on the Wrist: Position the Watch Properly

For accurate step counting, the sensors at the back of your Fitbit device need to be in contact with the skin. If it is placed improperly on the wrist, your Fitbit may not count or display steps correctly.

Solution: To get Fitbit to start counting and showing accurate steps you need to make sure the bands are properly tightened and the the tracker positioned properly on the wrist.

5. Your Fitbit Device and App Didn’t Sync: Make Sure the Phone and Watch are in Range

When the Fitbit device fails to sync with the phone, the steps displayed on the Fitbit app may be inaccurate. Distance is often the reason why syncing fails between the two devices.

Solution: To solve the sync problem and get accurate step count readings make sure your Fitbit device and phone are close. You may also want to check if Bluetooth connection on both device is active (turn Bluetooth on if off on either devices).

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Fitbit Count Steps If Not On the Wrist?

Fitbit watches can still record steps when put in the pocket however, the results  you get are completely inaccurate. Fitbit is designed for the wrist so wear it on the wrist and you should track steps as supposed.

2. Do Fitbits Accurately Count Steps?

Fitbit provides valuable data but it is important to note that it is an approximator and therefore not always 100% accurate. To ensure reliable step data, it is recommended to turn off GPS and wear Fitbit properly on the wrist.

3. Does Moving Your Arms Act as Steps?

The direct answer is yes. When you move your arms the accelerometer detects movement and start recording steps.

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