BellaBeat vs Fitbit (Which One’s Best?)

Are you stuck between BellaBeat and Fitbit? If so, this “BellaBeat vs Fitbit” guide is for you! From it, you will learn the differences and similarities between Fitbit and BellaBeat and as a result, be able to make an informed decision. Without adding much here is how Fitbit watches and BellaBeat trackers compare.

BellaBeat vs Fitbit Comparison Table

Design & DisplayHas changeable bands but no displayHas a display and changeable bands
Tracking Heart rate, calories, sleep, body temperature, steps, blood oxygen saturation, cycling, menstrual cycle, etc.Sleep, heart rate, calories, blood oxygen saturation, steps, swimming, ovulation, cycling,  active zone minutes, etc.
Designed ForGirls and WomenBoys, Girls, Men, Women
Water ResistanceNot water resistantWater resistant up to 50 meters below water
Battery Life7 to 80 days6 to 10 days
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BellaBeat vs Fitbit, Here’s How They Compare

Let’s take a moment to compare the features of BellaBeat trackers and Fitbit Watches.

How Accurate?

My Choice: Fitbit wins because it is more accurate than BellaBeat.

Both trackers are not accurate 100% but the data they present on their respective apps give helpful insights into your health and fitness activities. On the other hand, if you compare the accuracy of Fitbit Watches and BellaBeat tracker, the accuracy of Fitbit Watches beats that of BellaBeat trackers.

Design and Display?

My Choice: Fitbit! However, your choice should depend on whether you want an option with a display or not.

In case you want a tracker that comes with a display I suggest you get a Fitbit. Fitbit watches have touchscreen displays whereas BellaBeat trackers don’t have displays.

Sense and Versa are the two Fitbit Versions that feature larger displays of 1.58 inches whereas the Inspire Series has a smaller display.

Trackers with displays are easy to use, and as you know Fitbit is the only option on this guide with a display hence easier to use than BellaBeat.

Fortunately, bands on Fitbit and BellaBeat are changeable. So, if they are damaged you are free to replace them.

Activity Tracking

My Choice: Fitbit wins because it tracks more activities than BellaBeat trackers.

Fitbit Watches and BellaBeat trackers are similar in the activities they monitor. Both devices will track sleep stages, heart rate, calories, skin temperature, cycling, menstrual cycle, and more.

What makes Fitbit watches and trackers stand out is their ability to monitor Active Zone Minutes, blood pressure, and swimming activities.

Swim Tracking

My Choice: Fitbit wins because it is the only option that supports swim workouts.

Swim workout is another feature you should consider when you want a tracker that can record your swimming activities in the pool.

Fortunately, Fitbit watches like Fitbit Sense, Charge, Versa, and Inspire are designed to keep track of your swimming activities and provide data thereafter. On the other hand, you will not track swimming with a BellaBeat IVY and BellaBeat Bracelet because it isn’t designed to track swimming.

Who Are They Designed For?

My Choice: Fitbit wins because it serves both genders. BellaBeat only has women and girls in mind.

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are designed with both genders in mind whereas BellaBeat trackers are not. Here is what I mean, Fitbit watches can be worn by men and women whereas BellaBeat trackers can only be worn by women.

How Do They Present Data?

My Choice: Fitbit is the perfect choice because it displays data in two ways whereas BellaBeat displays data in one way (BelaBeat App).

Fitbit watches and BellaBeat trackers don’t present the data collected the same way.

If you choose to buy BellaBeat you’ll only view your health and fitness data through the BellaBeat App, if you buy Fitbit you will view data through the Watch itself and the Fitbit app.

Premium Services They Offer

My Choice: Fitbit because its Premium service is cheaper than that of BellaBeat.

Both Fitbit and BellaBeat offer premium services. Fitbit offers Fitbit Premium Membership whereas BellaBeat offers BellaBeat Premium “Coach” Service.

Those new to the  BellaBeat Premium Coach Service get 6 months free trial whereas those new to Fitbit Premium get a 90-day free trial.

The Fitbit Premium Membership Plan costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year whereas BellaBeat Premium Coach Service costs $99 per year.

Water Resistance

My Choice: Fitbit wins because its trackers are water resistant. The BellaBeat trackers are not water resistant.

Water resistance is an important feature to look for in a tracker if you spend much of your time in swimming pools or beaches.

Fitbit watches like Sense 2, Versa 4, Inspire 3, Luxe, and Charge are water resistant up to 50 meters below the water surface.

Unfortunately, BellaBeat IVY and BellaBeat Bracelet are not water resistant they can only withstand dust, dirt, and sand.

How Long Do Their Batteries Last?

My Choice: BellaBeat trackers win because their batteries last longer than Fitbit.

BellaBeat offers trackers that will last long on a charge for example, BellaBeat Leaf trackers can last for 180 days whereas BellaBeat IVY will last for 7+ days on a new charge.

On the other hand, Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers also come with good battery life. For instance, Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 come with 6 days of battery life. If you want a Fitbit Watch that stores charge for longer consider either Fitbit Inspire 2 or Inspire 3 because they come with 10 days battery life.


My Choice: It depends on how much you will spend but for me, I would choose Fitbit.

If you are a lady looking for a more affordable option I would suggest you get either BellaBeat IVY or BellaBeat Bracelet. The latest Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers, e.g. Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 are a bit expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does BellaBeat IVY Track Steps?

The direct answer is yes! Women and girls can use the BeallaBeat IVY tracker to monitor their steps thanks to the built-in heart rate sensor and the accelerometer.

2. Is BellaBeat a Real Company?

BeallBeat is a wellness company in the United States founded in 2014 by Sandro Mur Urška Sršen. Their main office is in San Francisco. So, yes, the BellaBeat is a genuine company making trackers for women and girls.

3. Does BellaBeat Require a Subscription?

BellaBeat offers two types of subscriptions, basic and premium subscriptions. The basic subscription is free whereas the premium subscription (BellaBeat Premium Coach Service) costs $99 per year.

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