Can Fitbit Cause Cancer? (Question Answered!)

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are among the best wearables for tracking health and fitness. They come with bands that secure them comfortably on the wrist throughout the day and night. Even so, some users wonder whether Fitbit has side effects when worn for long. Hence the question, “Can Fitbit Cause Cancer?”

Well, there is nothing to proof Fitbit Ace, Charge, Versa, Inspire, Luxe, and Sense cause cancer. However, if you tighten the bands on Fitbit Ace, Charge, Versa, Inspire, Luxe, and Sense too hard you may end up getting wrist pain.

Although Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers emit EMF radiation, the EMF radiation is low hence not powerful to cause cancer.Cancer can be caused by several factors some of which include environment exposure, genetics, and lifestyle.

Potential Benefits and Risks of Wearing Fitbits

Even though Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers don’t cause cancer they have potential risks and benefits.

Provided below are some potential risks and benefits of using Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers.

Benefits of Wearing Fitbit

1. Increased physical activity

Fitbit Watches will keep you active as you track steps, distances, set goals to work towards achieving and give you rewards for reaching certain goals.

2. Better Sleep

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers can monitor your sleep each night and provide you with sleep report each morning. With this data you will be able to understand the quality and quantity of your sleep and work towards improving it.

3. Health Insights

For instance, Fitbit watches and trackers will keep track of your heart rate and then analyze and provide details of your heart rate.

Risks of Wearing Fitbit

Fitbit uses your data to calculate or measure vitals, some times the data can be accessed by hackers who may tend to misuse the data.

1. Inaccurate

Data You shouldn’t trust the data collected by Fitbit 100%, sometimes the data is biased, which leading to medical assessment or recommendations that are not correct.

2. Forms an Obsessive

Behavior Fitbit watches and trackers tend to make some users more obsessed with monitoring activities, which may lead to stress or the formation of an unhealthy behavior.

3. Users May Become More Reliant

With time some users may be come more reliant on their watches and trackers ignoring important potential health signs and symptoms.

Do Fitbit Smart Scales Emit EMF Radiation?

Like Fitbit watches, Fitbit smart scales emit low EMF radiation which is below the safety limit established by organizations like International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and Wild Health Organization (WHO). For that reason they don’t pose the risk of causing cancer.

Are Fitbit Rashes Caused by EMF?

We can’t say Fitbit rashes are caused by EMF radiation because there is no proof to show. Instead, rashes on your wrist can be as a result of soap and sweat on the wristbands.

Additionally, you may have rashes on your wrist because you have been tightening the bands to much.

To avoid rashes you need to ensure you bands are free of soap after cleaning, if you sweat make sure the bands are cleaned before putting them on.

Is Green Light on Fitbit Safe?

In the underside of your Fitbit Watch you will see green lights flickering, theses lights are responsible for tracking your heart rate fortunately, green lights don’t produce radiation and hence safe to use.

Does Fitbit Give Off Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)?

Yes, Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers without forgetting Fitbit smart scales produces low electromagnetic radiation which doesn’t pose harm to your health and for that reason they are safe to use.

Is it Safe to Wear Fitbit to Bed?

Fitbit Ace, Charge, Inspire, Luxe, Versa, and Sense are safe to wear to bed.

The reason Fitbit bands are safe to be worn to bed is because they feel comfortable, and they produce very low electromagnetic radiation (EMF) which is not harmful to the body.

Do Fitbit Watches Cause Cancer – is there Evidence to Back it Up?

There is nothing to show Fitbit smartwatches and trackers cause causer however, it is true that Fitbit watches and other fitness trackers can cause skin irritations and wrist pain.

Skin irritations happen when soap and sweat is left on the bands and you wear the watch whereas wrist pain happens when the bands are tightened to much hence hurting the wrist.

To avoid skin irritations make sure the bands are clean of sweat and no soap is left on them and to avoid wrist pain make sure the bands are not too tight; the fit should be snug.

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