Can Fitbit Cause Wrist Pain? (Question Answered!)

Fitbits are highly recommended tracking devices that are comfortable to wear all day and night for monitoring your activities. However, is it possible for a Fitbit to cause wrist pain?

To avoid wrist pain when using a Fitbit, make sure that the bands are snug but not too tight. If wristbands are too tight, you may experience discomfort. Also, be sure to clean the bands regularly to prevent skin irritation caused by sweat, soap, and water buildup.

Why is Fitbit Irritating My Wrist?

It’s important to clean your Fitbit right after a workout, as sweat can get absorbed into the bands and cause skin irritation on your wrist if left uncleaned. So, it’s recommended to wipe it down and keep it free of sweat and dust.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse soap from your bands after cleaning. If you sweat while wearing soapy bands, the soap can react with your sweat and cause skin irritation.

If you’re experiencing irritation even though your Fitbit is clean, Fitbit recommends removing the tracker and waiting until the irritation subsides before putting it back on.

If you continue to experience irritation or pain after discontinuing the use of your Fitbit, it would be best to seek guidance from your doctor. EMF emissions from Fitbit can potentially lead to health concerns, so consulting with a medical professional is the appropriate course of action.

How Long Until the Wrist Pain Stops?

The duration of pain is determined by the severity of the injury. If your wrist is seriously injured, the pain will take longer to subside. Conversely, if your wrist is only slightly injured, the pain will subside more quickly.

Furthermore, if you stop wearing your Fitbit on the affected wrist, the pain will fade more quickly.

Can Fitbit be Worn Below the Wrist Bone?

It is not recommended to wear a Fitbit below the wrist bone since the impact of a fall could potentially damage or break the bands. In addition, the sockets holding the bands into place may get damaged hence causing the bands to detach now and then.

Apart from damaging the bands and the sockets that hold them, you may bruise your wrist and hence experience wrist pain.

The right position to place your Fitbit on the wrist is not below the wrist but above the wrist bone.

If you own a slim Fitbit model like the Luxe or Inspire you can try to wear it below the wrist bone but be careful not to fall. Large models like the Sense and Versa shouldn’t be worn below the wrist bone.

Is it Okay to Wear Fitbit on the Inside of Your Wrist?

You can wear Fitbit on the inside of your wrist however, wearing Fitbit on the inside of your wrist will not get you the most accurate data for your heart rate, ECG, SpO2, and more. So, there’s no point in wearing Fitbit on the inside of the wrist just because the upper part hurts.

Just stop the use and when the pain goes wear Fitbit the right way on your wrist to collect the most accurate data.

On the other hand, if you can’t stop wearing Fitbit consider wearing it on the dominant but before that open the app and set up the watch for the dominant hand so it gets accurate data.

Here is a post that outlines 5 alternative ways of wearing Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers.

How to Prevent Wrist Pain

1. Ensure the Bands are Clean and Dry

It doesn’t matter how bad you want to get fit, just ensure the bands on Fitbit are clean and dry. Even the slightest moisture on the bands can irritate your skin. So, make sure the bands are dry before wearing Fitbit to prevent skin irritation.

2. Try to Polymer Bands Instead

I would recommend polymer bands to Fitbit users who sweat a lot. Unlike leather bands polymer bands don’t absorb sweat hence helping prevent skin irritation by sweat.

3. Make the Fit is Snug

You also need to check the way you tighten the bands on Fitbit. Tightening them too much can result in wrist pain. To prevent wrist pain ensure you’ve tightened the band in a way that they don’t feel too tight or too loose; make the fit snug.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Wrist Hurt after Wearing Fitbit?

You are feeling pain in the wrist after taking Fitbit off because you tightened the bands too much.

When the bands are tightened too much they stop blood from flowing properly and chew on the skin hence causing wrist pain and discomfort.

So, to prevent your wrist from hurting after wearing Fitbit ensure the bands are not too tight or too loose; make them feel comfortable.  

2. Can a Fitbit Hurt My Wrist?

Any Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker can cause wrist pain if tightened too much. The only way you will prevent Fitbit from hurting your wrist is by wearing your Fitbit below the wrist bone and making sure the fit is snug.

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