Can Fitbit Track Blood Pressure? (Question Answered!)

First of all, I congratulate you on getting a Fitbit. Fitbit Watches can keep track of multiple things, from heart rate and sleep to temperature and breathing.

Today we are going to see whether it can track blood pressure. So, does Fitbit track blood pressure?

At the moment, Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers don’t have the ability to track your blood pressure because they lack the inflatable cuff. However, on some Fitbit devices, you will find a BP-relative sensor; the SpO2 sensor. The work of the SpO2 sensor on Fitbit is to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood. Apart from monitoring blood oxygen levels, this sensor could help Fitbit users identify health issues like sleep apnea, and BP in the days to come.

It would help if Fitbit included the blood pressure monitoring system in their watches however, developing the technology is tough and that explains why it’s only available on a few watches and medical devices.

Even the latest models like the Fitbit Versa 4, Sense 2, and Charge 5 don’t have the ability to track blood pressure and I even don’t see them getting the update any soon.

Is there a Smartwatch that Measures Blood Pressure?

Don’t waste your money on Fitbit watches, Apple Watches, Google Pixel Watches, or Garmin Watches because they don’t measure blood pressure.

Fortunately, we have a few watches that calculate blood pressure, they include the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Samsung Watch Series 5, and OMRON HeartGuide Smartwatch. Let’s briefly discuss them below.

Samsung Watch Series 5OMRON HeartGuideXiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro
 Samsung Watch Series 5 for tracking blood pressure Omron HeartGuide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor Xiaomi Band 7 Pro Smartwatch
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1. Samsung Watch Series 5

The Samsung Watch Series 5 is an option you can consider when you are hunting for a smartwatch that monitors blood pressure. The watch features a function known as pulse wave analysis. With it the Samsung Galaxy Watch not only tracks your heart rate but blood pressure as well. For the blood pressure feature to work, you will use the Samsung Heath Monitor app, which will measure your blood pressure. Follow the steps below to track  blood pressure with the Samsung Watch Series 5:

  1. On your phone open the Samsung Health Monitor app.
  2. Log in with your account details.
  3. Launch the Samsung Health Monitor app on your Samsung Galaxy  Watch and through the initial setup.
  4. Tap on the Blood Pressure option and follow the simple on-screen instructions to calibrate the smartwatch.

That is it! You can now start tracking blood pressure with the Samsung Watch Series 5. Here are further instructions:

  • Re-calibration is to be done after every 4 weeks and  3 times.
  • No need for a cuff during the calibration period, within this period let the watch measure blood pressure itself.
  • When measuring your blood pressure make sure you are still.

2. OMRON HeartGuide Smartwatch

The OMRON HeartGuide Smartwatch comes with an inflatable cuff for recording blood pressure readings. You will sync the smartwatch with the HeartAdvisor app to store the collected readings.

The blood pressure data will be presented in a graph and as much as it is not always 100% accurate, it will give you an idea of your blood pressure, and that will be quite helpful.

Unfortunately, this watch may appear bulky on small wrists. Also, avoid coming into contact with water because the OMRON HeartGuide Smartwatch is not waterproof.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is yet another option you can run to when you want a smartwatch that can track blood pressure.

To make the Xiaomi  Mi Band 7 Pro track blood pressure, go to settings on the watch and turn on the All-Day Heart Rate Detection function.

Once the All-Day Heart Rate Detection is turned on, the Xiaomi Mi Band will wait until you are in a calm and quiet state and start measuring your body pressure (BP tracking is automatic).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Check My Blood Pressure on Fitbit Sense?

Fitbit Sense cannot track blood pressure so, there is no way you can check your blood pressure on it or the Fitbit app.

2. Can I Add Blood Pressure to My Fitbit?

The Fitbit Watch and Fitbit app don’t feature functions that monitor blood pressure therefore, you cannot add blood pressure to your Fitbit.

3. Which Fitbit Measure Blood Pressure and Heart Rate?

Unfortunately, you cannot track or check blood pressure on Fitbit Sense 2, Versa 2, Versa 3, Charge 4, and Charge 5. The only thing you can track on Fitbit is heart rate. For blood pressure try other options because all Fitbits cannot track blood pressure.

Final Thoughts

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are known to be good at health and fitness tracking.

Fitbit can track heart rate and blood oxygen levels however, when it comes to blood pressure it disappoints; Fitbit cannot track blood pressure.

Luckily we have Fitbit alternatives that monitor your blood pressure and they include Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Samsung Watch Series 5, and OMRON HeartGuide Smartwatch.

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