Does Fitbit Work with Samsung Health? (Question Answered!)

Connecting Fitbit to other fitness apps is a perfect way to gain health and fitness insights from various environments. The Samsung Health app is one of the apps considered by most Fitbit owners, including myself. But the question remains: Does Fitbit work with Samsung Health even after the massive consideration?

Yes, it does! Fitbit works with Samsung Health, but indirectly. The only way to connect a Fitbit to Samsung Health is with the help of third-party apps like Health Sync and Strava.

Health Sync and Strava are free! You can download them on Google Play, Apple, or the Galaxy Store.

I am sure you will benefit a lot from syncing your Fitbit to Samsung Health. I will use this post to show you how to synchronize your Fitbit with Samsung Health. Without wasting time, let’s get started!

How to Sync or Connect Fitbit to Samsung Health

There are numerous health and fitness apps to choose from, which makes the decision-making process difficult. In this guide, we will focus on the Samsung Health app, which is a popular choice among Fitbit users. The good news is that connecting your Fitbit account to S Health is not a complicated process. Simply download the Health Sync or Strava app and follow the instructions to establish the connection!

Method 1: Connecting Fitbit to Samsung Health via Strava (7 Easy Steps)

First, ensure that the Fitbit and Samsung Health apps installed on your phone are the latest versions. Once you have confirmed that the versions are up-to-date, proceed with the following steps to sync your Fitbit with Samsung S Health.

  1. Go to Google Play, Galaxy, or Apple Store and download the Strava app.
  2. On your computer Open the link You will link your Strava account to the Fitbit app using this link.
  3. Having linked your Strava account to your Fitbit account, sync your health and fitness data to Strava.
  4. Open the Samsung Health app and go to Settings.
  5. On the settings page find the “Connected Services” option, and tap on it.
  6. Select Strava as the option to connect Samsung Health to and confirm the action.

That’s it, your Fitbit account is now paired with Samsung Health, and you will begin receiving your health and fitness data on the S Health app.

Method 2: Connecting Fitbit to Samsung Health via Health Sync

Alternatively, we can use the Health Sync app to synchronize Fitbit data with Samsung Health.

Firstly, go to the Google or Apple store, depending on your phone, and then download the Health Sync app.

With the app, follow the simple steps provided below to sync Fitbit data to the Samsung Health app.

  1. With the Health Sync app installed tap on it to open and then tap on the OK option.
  2. Select Samsung Health to be the base sync source.
  3. Next, select Fitbit to be the sync configuration.
  4. Tap okay to confirm your declaration of consent.

At this point, a connection between S Health and Fitbit has been established and your data will start to sync.

What You Won’t Like About Fitbit to Samsung Health Connection

You Won’t Access Certain Data – Unfortunately, even after successfully connecting Fitbit to Samsung Health, there is some data that you won’t be able to access such as resting heart rate and steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Fitness Apps are Compatible with Fitbit?

Fitbit collaborates with a range of health and fitness applications to guarantee that you extract the most benefits from your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker. MyFitnessPal, Strava, Peloton, and Fitline are some examples of fitness applications that are compatible with Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers.

2. Can I Directly Sync Fitbit With S Health?

Currently, there is no direct way to connect Fitbit to Samsung Health. However, Fitbit users can use third-party apps such as Strava and Health Sync to sync their data to S Health. These apps are available for free on Google Play, Apple, and Galaxy Store.

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Final Thoughts

I don’t know when Fitbit and Samsung will partner to get the Fitbit and Samsung Health app to connect, but I am hoping it will happen soon. For now, Fitbit and Samsung Health cannot work unless you involve third-party apps such as Health Sync and Strava.

Unfortunately, once you connect Fitbit to Samsung Health, you will not get your step count and resting heart rate data.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend connecting Fitbit to S Health because the connection process is long and tedious. Additionally, you won’t get as much health and fitness data as you would with the Fitbit app, which is free.

I suggest you stick with the Fitbit app because it will provide you with more comprehensive health and fitness data than the Samsung Health app.

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