Fitbit Band Keeps Detaching (Let’s Fix It!)

Putting on a Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker that keeps detaching from the band will make you upset. When the bands detach, the device may fall, and cracks and scratches may form on the screen!

In this post, I will highlight a few reasons why the band on your Fitbit keeps falling off and show you how to get them to stop falling. Without any delay, let’s begin!

Why Does My Fitbit Band Keep Detaching?

The bands on your Fitbit keep detaching because the sockets are loose or because the bands are not properly attached to the Fitbit body.

Additionally, the bands or straps on your Fitbit Sense, Charge, Ace, Luxe, or Versa may detach because you pulled on them strongly or something foreign got stuck in the band socket while connecting the new bands.

Where is the Sockets in Fitbit

The Fitbit socket is the part on the Fitbit body where bands slide or get attached. Not all Fitbits have similar sockets and use the same band fastening methods; the type of socket and band fastening method will depend on the Fitbit model you have. We have four types of band fasteners and they include:

  1. Metal Push Tab – As the name suggests the Metal Push Tab uses a metal push button to better clasp with the Fitbit body.
  2. Pin-And-Tuck – The Pin-and-Tuck fasteners use quick-release pins that secure the band in the Fitbit sockets.
  3. In-deformable Connector – The In-deformable Connector clasps seamlessly without any tools.
  4. Snap-On Fasteners – Snap-on Fasteners hold the bands in the Fitbit sockets with a snap or click.

What Type of Band Fastening Method Does Your Fitbit Use?

Don’t have an idea of the band fastening method your Fitbit uses? See below:

  • Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, and Versa Lite – They use the Pin-and-Tuck band fastening method. Therefore, it is possible the bands on your Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, or Versa Lite are detaching because the quick-release pin is bad hence, the sockets are holding the bands loosely.
  • Fitbit Charge 2 – This Fitbit model uses the Metal-Push-Tab band fastening method. So, it is likely your Fitbit Charge 2 bands keep detaching because the Metal Push Tab is faulty or not secured correctly.
  • Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 – On the Fitbit smartwatches, you will connect the bands by snapping them on until you hear a click sound. It is possible the bands on your Fitbit Versa 3 or Sense keep detaching because the device has internal socket issues, which makes the bands not snap in place.
  • Fitbit Charge 3, Charge 4, and Charge 5 – These trackers use the In-deformable connector band-fastening method. Most of the time the plastic nub in the connector break causing the bands on your Fitbit Charge 3, Charge 4, or Charge 5 to keep detaching.

How Do You Fix a Fitbit Smartwatch or Activity Tracker that Keeps Detaching It Bands?

With me are 5 fixes that may stop the Bands on your Fitbit Versa, Luxe, Inspire, Sense, or Sense from detaching.

1. Try Replacing the Bands

The bands on your Fitbit could be damaged beyond repair therefore; it would be great if you replaced them with new ones. I assure you there’s no way the new band will detach from the Fitbit body and that way you will track your activities without distractions.

2. Replace the Quick Release Pin

If the band is okay but the release pin is broken, consider replacing the Quick Release Pin only instead of the band. Having replaced the pin, the band should hold firmly to the Fitbit body without ever detaching.

3. Scrub the Fitbit band Sockets

The bands on your Fitbit are not latching properly probably because something foreign has got stuck in the socket. Take a used toothbrush and scrub the sockets to get rid of what might be stuck. After that, attach the band to the sockets and they should hold with no signs of detaching.

4. Make Sure You’ve Attached the Bands Properly in the Sockets

It is possible the bands on your Fitbit keep detaching because you never connected to the sockets properly. Every time you reconnect bands on the Fitbit body make sure you do it right otherwise you might have trouble.

5. Have the Damaged Socket Replaced

Inspect the sockets on your Fitbit under enough light to check for damages. One of the sockets might be damaged hence not holding one of the bands, hence it falling. Since you can pair the socket, I would suggest you reach out to Fitbit Customer Support and ask them to arrange a repair for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Should A Fitbit Band Last?

Fitbit bands can last long; up to 6+ years with proper maintenance.

2. Can I Glue A Fitbit Band that Keeps Falling?

Never glue a Fitbit band that keeps falling off because if you do so you will destroy the bands and the sockets on the Fitbit device. Just have the repair done the right way.

3. Are Fitbit Watch Bands Replaceable?

You can replace both the top and bottom bands on your Fitbit with accessory bands.

4. Are Fitbit Replace Bands Under Warranty?

Fitbit products come with a 1-year warranty. So, yes the replacement bands on Fitbit come under a warranty.

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  1. I have a versa 4. This is the best explanation I have read regarding the wrist band issue. Got mine as a Christmas gift and now the socket holding the band continually comes off the fitbit body. For a device used to encourage activity it must be a bad design. I am a racquet player and the watch is on my non dominant hand. Needless to say that I am disappointed.


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