Fitbit GPS is Not Working: 5 Ways to Get the GPS Working Again!

Even though the GPS feature on Fitbit is useful, some users reportedly claim that it fails at some point. But why is the Fitbit GPS not working?

The GPS feature may not be working either because your Fitbit is away from your phone, the Fitbit WearOS firmware needs to be updated, the location service is not set to automatic, the Fitbit app needs to be updated, the Fitbit device and phone have a system glitch, or the weather is harsh.

Fitbit includes the GPS feature on their watches to help users monitor their routes, pace, and distances, among other things. Your Fitbit can either have a built-in GPS or use a connected GPS. A Connected GPS Fitbit refers to a Fitbit that has to be connected to the phone for GPS signals, whereas a Built-in GPS Fitbit refers to a Fitbit with GPS sensors built within and hence, it doesn’t need the phone’s GPS to track routes, paces, and distances.

Back to our today’s topic, below are steps guaranteed to resolve the GPS issue on your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Try The Following Fixes to Get the GPS On Your Fitbit to Work Again!

Here is a table that summarizes the potential causes and solutions for the issue as outlined in this guide. Scan it for fast solutions.

 Why is GPS on Fitbit Not WorkingPossible Fix
1.Your phone might be away from your Fitbit.Bring your phone close to Fitbit and ensure it is in range throughout.
2.Your Fitbits WearOS firmware needs to be updated.Open the Fitbit app and update your Fitbit device.
3.The Fitbit app on your phone needs to be updated.Go to the Google Play or Apple Store and update the Fitbit app.
4.Your Fitbit or phone may have developed a system glitch or error.Ry to restart your phone and Fitbit device.
5.Fitbit does not have access to your phone’s location.Grant the Fitbit app access to your phone’s location

Let’s now discuss the above causes and solutions for the problem below:

1. Try to Update the Fitbit App

If your Fitbit connects to your phone for GPS signals, it’s possible the Fitbit app is outdated, making GPS on your Fitbit Charge, Sense, Versa, Luxe, or Inspire not work.

In this case, you need to update the Fitbit app on your paired phone, and the GPS should connect and function correctly. To update the Fitbit app on your phone, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Unlock your phone and open the App Menu.

Step 2: From the App Menu, find the App Store app and tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on the search bar and search for the Fitbit app.

Step 4: Tap on Update and let the Fitbit app update.

Step 5: Now that the Fitbit app is up-to-date, try to use the GPS on your Fitbit to test if it tracks routes.

2. Try to Update Your Fitbit Device

If your Fitbit has built-in GPS sensors but won’t track routes, paces, and distances, it could be because of outdated WearOS firmware.

Beware, not all Fitbits have built-in GPS. Examples of those with built-in GPS include the Fitbit Charge 5, Sense, Versa 3, and Google Pixel Watch Series. 

To track routes, paces, and distances through GPS, update your Fitbit. You can easily update your Fitbit watch with the simple steps outlined below. However, ensure your Fitbit is well-charged and in range with your phone or tablet throughout the process.

Step 1: On your paired phone, tap on the Fitbit app to open it.

Step 2: Tap on the Today tab.

Step 3: Tap on your Profile Picture (top left corner) to open Account Settings.

Step 4: Select the Image of the Fitbit you want to update.

Step 5: Tap on the Update button. Note that the update button only appears when an update is available.

Step 6: Proceed with the simple on-screen instructions.

Once your Fitbit updates, it will automatically restart itself. Wait for it to do so, then go out, connect to the GPS, and exercise to test if it’s working properly.

3. Try to Restart Your Fitbit

Sometimes, a simple system glitch or error on your Fitbit can cause problems, and GPS failing to work is one of them.

If the GPS on your Fitbit won’t work properly, a simple restart is all you need. Fortunately, restarting a Fitbit is easy, and I have a full guide on how to restart a troubled Fitbit

However, most Fitbit watches can be restarted in the following manner: Go to Quick Settings or Control Center > Tap on Settings > Swipe down to find the “Restart Device” option and tap on it. Your Fitbit will restart immediately, and any glitches will be cleared.

4. Allow the Fitbit App Permission to Access Your Phone’s Location

If you are facing difficulties tracking routes with a Fitbit that relies on your phone’s GPS, it is likely because the Fitbit app doesn’t have permission to access your phone’s location. For the GPS to function correctly on your device, grant the Fitbit app access to your phone’s location.

To enable GPS on your device, you must allow the Fitbit app permission to access your phone’s location. Follow the steps below to grant the Fitbit app access to your phone’s location:

For iPhone users – Go to Settings > Select Privacy & Security > Tap on Location Services > Scroll down to find the Fitbit App and tap on it > Tap Always Allow Location, and you’re good to go!

For Android users – Tap and hold the Fitbit app > Tap on Info > Select Permission > Tap on Location > Then select Allow While Using the App.

You can also improve your Fitbit’s GPS accuracy in the following manner, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings Panels > Tap and hold the Location icon > Tap on the Location toggle to turn it on > Select Google Location Accuracy > Toggle on Improve Location Accuracy.

5. Wait for the Weather to be  Conducive to Use the GPS Feature

The Fitbit’s GPS may not be working properly due to cloudy skies or heavy rain. Severe weather conditions can weaken GPS signals from satellites, resulting in inaccurate GPS data.

It is advisable to wait for favorable weather conditions, then connect your Fitbit to the GPS satellites and test the GPS feature by exercising outdoors to ensure it is working correctly.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy cycling on the weekends, and with the reliable built-in GPS on my Fitbit Sense 2, I can easily monitor my routes, pace, and the distances I have covered.

However, I have come across some Fitbit users who complain that the GPS on their watches is not working properly. For this reason, I have created this guide to help them troubleshoot the issue.

I am positive that one of the solutions in this guide will help get the GPS on their Fitbit watches to start working again. That’s all for today!

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