Fitbit Not Charging (Let’s Fix It!)

To bring a dead Fitbit back to life you need to connect to a charger to charge. Once Fitbit is full and disconnected from the charger it will consume charge until the battery runs out, again you will need to charge it. A few have complained about Fitbit, they say after connecting to the charger it is not charging. So, why is Fitbit not charging and what should you do to get it to start charging?

In summary, Fitbit watches won’t charge probably because the charging contacts are dirty, the charger is dead, the charging pins in the charger are misaligned, the charging port or power outlet is dead, there is no power, Fitbit needs updating, or there’s a system glitch. In addition, your Fitbit may not charge because it is wet.

Luckily, all the above issues are minor and can be corrected to get your Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker to start charging again. Below are the reasons why your Fitbit Watch won’t charge and how to fix them.

8 Reasons Why Your Fitbit Ace, Charge, Versa, Luxe, Inspire, or Sense is Not Charging

1. The Charger Might be dead

The only way to charge a Fitbit when low or out of charge is via a charger. So, it’s possible the charger you’re using has stopped working.

To confirm the charger is at fault try to use a different Fitbit charger (you can borrow your friend). If the borrowed charger does the charging, that confirms your charger is dead. So, get a new charger for your Fitbit Ace, Charge, Versa, Luxe, Inspire, or Sense, and get charging!

2. Charging Contacts on the Watch are Dirty

The reason your Fitbit Ace, Charge, Versa, or Sense won’t charge is that its charging contacts are covered with dirt.

A layer of dirt on either charging contact may prevent the current on the charger from flowing to the battery inside the watch.

You need to take off the bands and clean the watch. Once the watch and the contacts are clean, fix back the bands and connect to the charger – you should see your Fitbit start to charge.

3. There Might be a System Glitch

A glitch on Fitbit Ace, Charge, Versa, Luxe, or Sense is normal but may interfere with how it operates. For instance, when the watch develops a glitch it may have problems showing that it’s charging.

You need to fix the glitch to get your Fitbit to show that it is charging. The best and safest way to fix a glitch on Fitbit is by restarting it.

You can restart Fitbit by long pressing the back and bottom buttons until the Fitbit logo appears on the screen.

Restarting the device will close all apps running in the background, wipe caches, and refresh the memory for better performance.

If restarting your Fitbit did not get it to start charging, try to reset it. Before the reset, do a backup; after the reset, your apps, personal information, and performance data will be deleted permanently from Fitbit. So, how do you reset a Fitbit Watch? To reset Fitbit:

  1. Wake up the screen and tap on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to find the About option and tap on it.
  3. Select the Factory Reset option.
  4. Proceed with easy on-screen instructions to reset Fitbit.

5. A Pin or Pins in the Charger Might be Misaligned

Your Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker is not charging because one of the pins or some pins in the USB charger is misaligned hence not connecting with the pins in the USB charging port.

It would help if you realign the pins in the USB charger, and then connect the charging end to your Fitbit. Alternatively, buy another charger for your Fitbit Ace, Charge, Luxe, Versa, or Sense and resume charging.

6. The Charging Port or Power Outlet is Dead

Possibly, your Fitbit Ace, Luxe, Charge, Versa, or Sense is not charging because the power outlet is dead. Unfortunately, there is no fix for a dead power outlet other than replacing it.

On the other hand, if you are using your laptop to charge Fitbit it’s possible the port you’ve plugged into is dead. Just unplug from the dead port and plug into the next port – this also applies to a power bank.

7. There is No Power

You might have a good charger and clean charging contacts but without power, your Fitbit Ace, Luxe, Charge, Versa, or Sense won’t charge. So, do you power? Check if your home has power. Your Fitbit might have refused to charge because there’s no power.

8. You Need to Update Your Fitbit

Another possible reason your Fitbit Ace, Luxe, Charge, Versa, or Sense isn’t charging is that you need to update the Fitbit Wear OS. Fortunately, updating the Fitbit Wear OS isn’t tricky. Follow the steps highlighted below to update your Fitbit:

Here’s How to Update Fitbit through the Fitbit app

  1. Open the Fitbit app.
  2. Tap the Today tab.
  3. Tap your Profile Picture or Icon
  4. Select your Device Image.
  5. Tap the Update button.

The update button only appears when an update for the Fitbit device is available. Make sure the phone and the Watch are close for the update to be successful; if your Fitbit and phone are not in range, the watch won’t update. An update progress bar will appear on both devices (Fitbit and paired phone).

Once the update is complete Fitbit will automatically restart itself and from there it should start to charge.

Want to Replace Your Fitbit Charger?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Fitbit Not Charging 100%?

Your Fitbit Luxe, Versa, Sense, or Versa won’t charge to 100% because it is frozen. It could be frozen because the WearOS needs to be updated or a glitch has happened.

Luckily, fixing these issues isn’t hard! If there’s a glitch, you will have to restart the watch, and if the Operating System needs updating use the Fitbit app to update it. When done your Fitbit should start to charge to 100%.

2. How Can I Tell If My Fitbit Is Charging?

Immediately you connect Fitbit to the charger a charging icon will appear on the top left side of its screen.

From there you can see how much (in percentage) your Fitbit Luxe, Versa, Sense, or Versa has charged and how until it gets fully charged.

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