Fitbit Not Syncing (7 Ways to Fix the Problem!)

Have you ever experienced the issue of opening the Fitbit app on your phone only to find that it has not collected your previous health and fitness data? This is usually caused by your Fitbit device being unable to sync with your Fitbit account. So why has the Fitbit device suddenly stopped syncing with the account, and what can be done to fix the problem and get the syncing process working again?

If your Fitbit is not syncing, there are a few possible reasons why. First, the app may need to be updated. Second, Bluetooth might be turned off. Third, the Fitbit device may be out of power or jammed. Finally, the All-day sync feature might have been turned off.

If your Fitbit is not syncing, there are a few possible reasons why. These may include problems with the Fitbit’s software, Bluetooth connectivity, low battery, or outdated software. While there could be other minor reasons, this post will focus on the major causes of syncing issues and offer solutions to help you get your Fitbit connected once more.

Keep reading to discover why your Fitbit may not be syncing and how to resolve the issue.

7 Reasons Why Your Fitbit Watch is Not Syncing with the Fitbit App on Your Phone (Solutions are Included!)

Your Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker must connect to the Fitbit app on your phone for you to access important data about your health and fitness. You will neither access valuable data nor see your overall progress if your Fitbit device and app aren’t syncing. It’s possible your Fitbit won’t sync with your phone for the following  reasons:

 Reasons Why Fitbit is Not SyncingHow to Fix the Problem
1.Your Fitbit Watch is Linked to Multiple Phones.Disconnect from all devices and then connect to only one device.
2.Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections keep conflicting.Go ahead and turn off the Wi-Fi connection leaving Bluetooth active. 
3.The Bluetooth connection might be off.Check Bluetooth and turn it back on if it is off.
4.Your Fitbit device and the Fitbit app need to be updated.Update your Fitbit device and the Fitbit app.
5.Your Fitbit device and phone may be experiencing a system glitch.Try to restart your phone and the Fitbit device.
6.Fitbit Servers might be down.Wait for Fitbit to fix the server issue. Meanwhile, retry to sync from time to time.
7.Your  Fitbit is low or out of chargeConnect your Fitbit to power and let it charge.

1. Your Fitbit Watch is Linked to Multiple Phones – Try to Connect One Device

You may have trouble syncing your Fitbit device if you have connected it to multiple devices like Android, iPhone, or iPad. To fix this, it’s best to disconnect the watch from all other phones and delete the Fitbit app from those devices. Keep only one phone connected to the Fitbit device and try syncing again to see if the health and fitness data will transfer.

2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Keep Conflicting – Ensure Wi-Fi is Off When Fitbit is Syncing

When trying to sync your Fitbit device with your smartphone, it is important to ensure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are not active at the same time as they may interfere with each other.

If your device cannot be found, check if both connections are on, turn them off, then turn Bluetooth back on and try to find the Fitbit device again. This should allow the newly collected data to sync to the Fitbit app.

3. Bluetooth is Off Consider Turning it Back On

The Fitbit app on your smartphone depends on Bluetooth technology to connect and stay in sync with Fitbit Ace, Charge, Inspire, Luxe, Sense, or Versa. Therefore, as long as you want the entire ecosystem to work as supposed you need to ensure the Bluetooth connection is on.

Fortunately, this is an issue you can fix in no time without even overthinking it. So, open the Fitbit app, then go to the Today tab, a notification saying “pair was unsuccessful” will show if Bluetooth is off.

Consider turning on Bluetooth and bring your Fitbit and phone close to each other. A range of 2 meters will give you the best connection results, on the other hand, Fitbit and the phone should not be more than 5 meters away from each other.

4. The Fitbit App and Device Need to be Updated – Update them

Fitbit releases new updates for its watches and app frequently to fix bugs, enhance security, and give new features. You need to download these updates to ensure the Fitbit app and device work as expected.

If your Fitbit isn’t syncing or stops syncing altogether, it’s recommended that you update your Fitbit device and Fitbit app. Once you’ve installed the latest versions of the app and firmware, your Fitbit device and app should be able to connect and sync data without any issues.

5. Fitbit Server is Down – Wait for Fitbit to Fix the Servers

Experiencing syncing problems with your Fitbit due to server issues can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there may be nothing you can do on your end except wait for Fitbit’s experts to resolve the problem.

However, you can try syncing your Fitbit with the app every few minutes or wait an hour and try again, as the server problem should be fixed by then. Although rare, Fitbit server issues can occur, causing syncing problems.

6. Your Phone and Fitbit Watch May have a System Glitch – Consider Restarting the Phone and Watch

It is important to restart or turn off and on your Fitbit Watch and phone every once in a while to prevent system glitches.

These glitches can cause both the watch and the app to malfunction resulting in syncing issues.

Fortunately, fixing these glitches is simple – just restart both devices and attempt to sync again.

7. Your Fitbit is Low on Charge – Try to Charge Your Fitbit

Another possible reason why Fitbit is not syncing with the Fitbit app on your phone is because it is low on charge. Remember Bluetooth needs enough power to run, without power data can’t sync. So, make sure your Fitbit is well-charged before syncing with the Fitbit app on your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Do If Fitbit Won’t Connect to Bluetooth?

To fix the connection problem between Fitbit and your phone try to restart the phone. When done try to sync with Fitbit – a Bluetooth connection should be established.

2. Why Do I Have to Keep Syncing With Fitbit?

You need to frequently sync your Fitbit with the Fitbit app on your phone to transfer the health and fitness data collected.

3. How Do I Get My Fitbit to Sync Again?

If Fitbit is not syncing, you can try to restart the watch or the Bluetooth connection. If that doesn’t work, disconnect it from all phones it’s linked to and only link it to one phone. Additionally, updating the Fitbit or the app, or turning off Wi-Fi if Bluetooth is on, can also help with syncing issues.

Final Thoughts

To ensure that your health and fitness data updates on the Fitbit dashboard, make sure that your Fitbit watch is always synced with your phone. If you experience sudden syncing issues, you can refer to this post for assistance.

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