Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7 (Here’s How They Compare!)

Choosing between Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch Series 7 has not been easy for many. For this reason, I’ve created this Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7 comparison guide to help compare the two smartwatches.

In this post, I will mention the differences and similarities between the Apple Watch 7 and Fitbit Sense. Without adding much let’s begin.

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Here’s How They Compare

Before we go any deeper here is a table summarizing the differences and similarities between Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch Series 7. Scan through to find the watch you need faster.

 Fitbit SenseApple Watch 7
Design & Display1.5-inch AMOLED display, Corning Gorilla Glass1.9-inch LTPO OLED display, Sapphire Crystal Glass
CompatibilityiOS, AndroidsiOS only
MusicCan’t stream musicCan streaming music
StorageHas no storageHas 32GB of storage
Trackingheart rate, sleep, calories, steps, distances, AFib, swimming, SpO2, etc.AFib, blood oxygen heart rate,  steps, sleeps, calories, distances, swimming, skin temperatures, etc.
eSIMIt doesn’t support eSIMssupport 1 eSIM
Water ResistanceUp to 50 metersUp to 50 meters
Battery LifeUp to 6 daysUp to 18 hours
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Lets now discuss the similarities and  differences between Apple Watch Series 7 and Fitbit Sense below

Design and Display

Winner: Apple Watch 7 has a bigger display and better resolution.

Apple Watch Series 7 has a LTPO OLED touchscreen display that is 1.9 inches. Fitbit Sense and Sense 2 on the other hand have AMOLED touchscreen displays that are 1.58 inches.

The glass display on both smartwatches is great but the one on Apple Watch Series 7 is much stronger.

When it comes to resolution, Fitbit Sense features 336 x 336 pixels resolution while Apple Watch 7 features 430 x 352 pixels resolution.

Fortunately, the bands on Fitbit Sense, Sense 2, and Apple Watch Series 7  are removable and hence can be changed when broken.


Winner: Apple Watch 7 – It is the only option that supports music.

The Apple Watch Series 7 supports music so it is the perfect smartwatch to opt for. You just need to connect to your Bluetooth headsets and get to play music.

On the other hand, even the latest Fitbit Sense 2 cannot play or stream music because music support was discontinued on it. So, Fitbit Sense is not an option to go for when you want a smartwatch that can play music.


Winner: Apple Watch Series 7 – It is the only option that has an internal storage space.

Storage is another feature you need to consider if you plan to store music locally and download apps on your next smartwatch.

Here, the Apple Watch 7 smartwatch would be the right option because it features 32G internal storage which is enough to hold your favorite apps and songs for offline plays.

Unfortunately, Fitbit Sense 2 does not have storage hence can store music or download apps.


Winner: No winner  – We have a tie here.

Fitbit Sense and Sense 2 can track most of the things that the Apple Watch Series 7 can. Both devices can monitor heart rate, sleep, calories, steps, distances, irregular heartbeat, swimming, blood oxygen saturation, and more.

Unfortunately, if you require a tracker that directly monitors blood pressure, none of these smartwatches will suffice. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the only smartwatch that purportedly tracks blood pressure directly.

Water Resistance

Winner: No winner – We have a tie here.

If you love to go out swimming you would want a watch that is water-resistant. A water-resistant watch can be submerged in water and still come out fully functional.

Luckily, Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch 7 are water resistant up to 50 meters in water thanks to their 5ATM water resistance rating. This means Fitbit Sense and  Apple Watch Series 7 can be worn in the pool and shower.

Even so, water resistance on Fitbit and Apple Watch is not permanent – it fades with time. To maintain water resistance you will ensure lotions, shampoos, detergents, and soaps do not come into contact with either of the watch.

Tip: If you swim in salty water, e.g. at the beach or lake make sure you rinse your Fitbit or Apple Watch with fresh water – salts and electronics don’t go along.

SIM Card Support

Winner: Apple Watch 7 – It is the only option that supports eSIMs.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular model features an eSIM connectivity. With this connection, you can use Apple Watch 7 without the phone.

Unfortunately, Fitbit Sense does not support SIM cards (eSIMs), and because of that it needs to stay connected to the phone to do most things.


Winner: Apple Watch 7 – It is the only option supporting Wi-Fi connections.

Wi-Fi is yet another feature that compares Fitbit Sense to Apple Watch Series 7. A smartwatch connected to an active Wi-Fi network can access the internet and hence stream music from platforms like Spotify and Deezer.

The Apple Watch 7 smartwatch is compatible with 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, the latest Fitbit Sense 2 smartwatch does support Wi-Fi networks.


Winner: Fitbit Sense – It connects iOS and Android devices.

I would prefer to have a smartwatch that is not limited in terms of the devices it can connect to. Fitbit Sense or Sense 2 would be a good choice for me since they are compatible with both Android and iPhones. On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 7 can only connect to iOS devices such as the iPhone.

Battery Life

Winner: Fitbit Sense – It has a better battery life.

No one needs a watch that will not keep charge for long. Apple Watches are known for their short battery life. Apple Watch 7 only lasts for 18 hours whereas Fitbit Sense last for about 6 days on a complete charge.


Winner: Fitbit Sense – It is the cheaper option.

When it comes to buying buy what you can afford. Since both watches track similar activities there’s no need to spend on the more expensive options unless it is what you want and are willing to pay for

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