Fitbit Sleep Score: The Ultimate Guide!

The last time you visited the Fitbit app to check your sleep data, I’m sure you came across the sleep score section and wondered what it means. Well, in this post, I am going to answer your question – I will tell you what the sleep score is and how it’s calculated.

What Does Fitbit Sleep Score Mean?

Fitbit uses a sleep score system that combines sleep duration, quantity, and restoration for a total score of 100. According to Fitbit, good sleep scores typically fall between 72 and 83.

Sleep score is essential because it helps users find ways to better their sleep with time.

To get accurate sleep score readings from your Fitbit, it’s important to wear it properly. Fitbit uses both heart rate and movement to determine your sleep quality. So, make sure to wear it correctly for better results the next morning.

To ensure accurate tracking of your sleep pattern and sleep score, make sure to turn on heart rate tracking on your device. If it’s off, your Fitbit won’t be able to track sleep.

Are you looking for a Fitbit that will track sleep and calculate your scores? Outlined below are some options:

  • Fitbit Versa
  • Fitbit Sense
  • Fitbit Charge
  • Fitbit Luxe
  • Fitbit Inspire

How Does Fitbit Calculate and Give Sleep Score?

The Fitbit application uses a special algorithm that combines three metrics to calculate your sleep score. These metrics are sleep duration, quality, and restoration. It’s essential to understand these metrics to better understand your score.

1.Duration It is split into two; the time spent sleeping and the time spent waking. For a good sleep score get long sleep.
2.QualityIt is time you spend in the last two sleep stages. The stages include Deep and REM sleep. The longer you stay in these sleep stages the better your sleep score.
3.Restoration This metric examines your restlessness and heart rate while sleeping. With a more relaxed body while asleep you get a good sleep score.

Fitbit will calculate your sleep score out of 100 based on duration, quality, and restoration.

What’s a Good Sleep Score on Fitbit?

I have prepared a table that outlines the different sleep score ranges and their corresponding sleep quality. This information can assist you in better understanding your sleep scores. It is important to note that higher sleep scores indicate better sleep quality.

 Sleep ScoresQuality of Sleep
1.90 – 100Excellent Sleep
2.80 – 89Good Sleep
3.60 – 79Fair Sleep
4.0 – 60Poor Sleep

A good sleep score falls between 80 to 90, while excellent sleep is from 90 to 100. Fair sleep ranges from 60 to 79, and anything below 60 is considered a poor sleep score. Although you can improve your sleep score, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve a score of 100.

How to Improve Your Sleep Score

Improving your sleep scores on Fitbit requires some changes in your sleeping habits. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bedtime, have a good sleep routine, avoid napping during the day, and maintain good activity levels. These four points can help you achieve better sleep and your health in general.

1. Improve Where You Sleep

Ensuring that your bed is comfortable is essential for uninterrupted sleep and can significantly improve your sleep score from fair to good or even excellent.

2. Avoid Taking Naps During the Day

It’s okay to take a nap when you feel sleepy however, naps impact your sleep patterns and score as well. It’s important to avoid napping for too long because your body may think you’ve already rested enough. If you don’t get enough sleep, record poor or fair sleep scores.

To improve your sleep score, it’s advisable to avoid taking daytime naps. This will enable you to sleep better at night. However, if you must nap, it’s best to keep it short and set an alarm on your Fitbit device.

3. Stop Taking Alcohol and caffeinated Drinks Before Bed

To improve your sleep score, it’s recommended that you avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. These two substances are known to affect the quality of sleep. However, if you find it difficult to cut them out completely, you can try consuming them a few hours before bedtime.

4. Ensure You Have Good Activity Levels

To improve your sleep score over time, you need to record at least 150 Active Zone Minutes each week on Fitbit.

How to Check Your Sleep Score

You can view your sleep score either on the watch or the Fitbit app. To access your sleep score open the Fitbit app > Tap on the Today tab > Tap on the Sleep Tile and there you’ll see your Sleep Scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Accurate is Fitbit Sleep Score?

The scores may not be entirely accurate, as studies by the International Sleep Charity have shown that it only classifies sleep stages with a 69% accuracy. However, it can still be useful to give you an idea of how you sleep.

2. Do You Need Fitbit Premium to Track Sleep Score?

For Fitbit users who want more than the basic data, there is Fitbit Premium. This service offers expert guidance and additional features. However, it’s not necessary to have a Fitbit Premium Membership Plan in order to track your sleep score. With a basic Fitbit account, you can still access the feature.

3. Is 80 a Good Sleep Score on Fitbit?

According to Fitbit’s sleep score chart, a score of 80 falls under the category of “Good” sleep. Therefore, 80 is indeed a sleep score.

4. How Do You Turn Off Sleep Score on Fitbit?

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off your sleep score on Fitbit as there is no specific toggle or switch for doing so.

5. What Does It Take to Get a Sleep Score of 100?

To get a sleep score of 100 on Fitbit will require a lot of effort. To get such a sleep score reading you’ll need to work out more, improve your sleeping environment, give up alcohol and caffeinated drinks before sleep, avoid naps during the day, etc.

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