How Can I Get a Free Fitbit? (Here are 4 Simple Ways!)

This guide is for anyone who wants a Fitbit without spending a dime. Whether you’re a man, woman, student, or senior citizen, I will show you 4 ways to get a Fitbit for free, as a result, enjoy all the benefits that come with owning a Fitbit, just like other users, without breaking the bank. It’s easy, and anyone, even students, can earn a free Fitbit.

Getting a wearable device such as a Fitbit for free is possible! You can have one by participating in contests, taking advantage of insurance incentives, entering giveaway promotions, and enrolling in loyalty programs without forgetting to get a free one from Medicaid and Medicare. With these options, you can get your hands on a Fitbit without spending a single penny.

4 Ways to Get Yourself a Free Fitbit

1. Take Part in Giveaway Promotions that Offer Fitbit

Being part of a giveaway promotion is one of the best ways to earn yourself a Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker free.

From time to time, Fitbit, Fitbit’s partner brands, and fitness influencers run giveaway promotions on social media. You can take part in their promotions to earn yourself a Fitbit without spending even a single dime: all you need is to strive to become the winner.

The program works this way: you provide the brand running the promotion with your contact details so that they enter you into their contest. When you turn out to be the winner of the contest, you score a free Fitbit.

In addition, you may be asked to engage with the brand’s posts on social media to win the promotion. The more you engage with their posts on social media, the higher your chances of becoming the winner. Anyone who emerges as the winner of the contest is mentioned and later contacted to be told how to get the free Fitbit.

If you win the contest, the brand mentions you and later contacts you to explain how to get your free Fitbit. Rest assured that the tracker awarded is not used; it is brand new and straight out of the box.

If you’re interested in winning a free Fitbit, I recommend that you start following Fitbit, its partner brands, and popular fitness influencers on social media. By doing so, you’ll receive notifications of giveaway promotions and can join to have a chance of winning a free Fitbit.

Don’t worry, the trackers awarded are not used; they are brand new and you are the first person to get it out of the box.

Caution: Scammers are all over and creating accounts that appear similar to the original. They will ask you for money. Don’t send them, and don’t tolerate them if you realize you are chatting with one of them. To be on the safe side, only follow and stick to the official channels of the brands.

Keep this in mind: participating in a giveaway promotion does not guarantee you a free Fitbit, but it certainly increases your chances of becoming the winner. That said, don’t get tired of participating, you may turn out to be the winner of a free Fitbit Watch soon!

2. Participate in Programs that Offer Fitbit Devices Reward

Staying healthy and keeping fit is crucial, and many insurance companies and wellness programs have come to recognize it. To ensure members are fit and healthy, insurance companies or wellness programs offer Fitbit devices to encourage members to be more active.

Since it would be expensive to give every member a free Fitbit device, insurance companies or wellness programs offer Fitbit to members as part of a promotion or as an encouragement to meet a given health goal.

Apart from getting yourself a free Fitbit, participating in such a program helps you take important steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Insurance companies or wellness programs that offer free Fitbit devices can be found by contacting your insurance company or visiting their website and checking if they have programs that offer wearable devices like Fitbit. Many companies have partnered with wearable companies like Fitbit to offer devices as part of their initiative.

Programs will have you take part in health-related activities, which may qualify you for a free Fitbit device that is brand new.

Without forgetting, your place of work or the company you are working for can also earn you a free Fitbit. So, be sure to check with your employer to see if there’s an upcoming event where Fitbit and other wearable companies have partnered. By participating in the event, you may have a chance to walk away with a free smartwatch or activity tracker from Fitbit and other wearable companies.

3. Make Use Of Cashback or Reward Apps and Websites

Another way you can get a free Fitbit is by utilizing cashback and reward apps and websites. Reward apps and websites reward you points for completing tasks, and you can redeem the points to get yourself a brand new Fitbit for free.

On the other hand, cashback websites and apps give a portion of your money back after getting specific offers. You can use the money you’ve earned as cashback to buy yourself a Fitbit watch without getting into your pockets. Below is how you can use these platforms to your advantage.

Join a cashback app or website: Many cashback apps and websites partner with popular retailers that sell Fitbit. Create an account with one of the apps or websites and earn a portion of your money back. The more you buy, the more your cashback balance or points increase. Also, the more expensive the item you are buying, the higher the cashback or points. Complete deals, offers, and promotions that will help you save more money (through cashback) to get yourself a Fitbit device as soon as possible.

4. Get a Free Fitbit from Medicare Or Medicaid

As a Medicaid or UHC Medicare member, you are eligible to receive a Fitbit Watch every two plan years. The purpose of this program is to help you meet your fitness goals. If you are a Medicare member, you can get your Fitbit online for free by entering the 9 codes that appear on your member ID and the 5-digit zip code associated with those codes.


When looking for a free Fitbit, it is important to be cautious of offers and promotions as scammers often use these opportunities to steal from people. To ensure that the offer is legitimate, it is recommended that you do your research and turn to verified accounts and channels. While there is no guarantee that you will get the watch for free, it is still worth trying. Alternatively, you can earn cashback through apps and websites that partner with retailers selling Fitbits to get a free device.

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