How to Set Up Fitbit (Step-By-Step!)

After unboxing your Fitbit, the next step is to put it on the wrist. However, simply wearing the watch won’t automatically start tracking your vitals. You need to set it up with the Fitbit app. But how do you set up a new Fitbit or one that has been stored for a long time?

Setting up a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker, whether new or old, isn’t difficult. Fortunately, this post will guide you on how to set up Fitbit with various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Important: Before starting the setup, make sure the device is compatible. Here is a link that lists all Fitbit-compatible devices.

How to Set Up Fitbit (Versa 2, Versa 3, Inspire 2, Charge 5, etc.) On Android Phone Step-By-Step

Step 1: Before you begin the set up ensure the “watch is fully charged” and on.

Step 2: Go to the “Google Play Store“, search for the “Fitbit app“, and download it. Don’t worry the app is free to download and use.

Step 3: Once the App is downloaded on your mobile device “tap on it to open”.

Step 4:Sign in to your Fitbit account” if you already have one that’s active. If you don’t have an account create one and after creating follow the simple on-screen instructions on the app to finish the setup.

Fortunately, multiple Fitbit devices can be added to a single Fitbit account provided they are all different models. In addition, you can swap between Fitbit Watches without the fear of losing your health and fitness data.

How to Setup Fitbit (Versa 2, Versa 3, Inspire 2, Charge 5, etc.) on iPhone and iPad Step-By-Step

Step 1:Download the Fitbit app” on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:Open the Fitbit” app and tap “Join Fitbit” or “Sign into your account“.

Step 3: Choose your Fitbit” from the list of Fitbit Watches.

Step 4: Tap on Set Up“.

Step 5: Fill out your “account information“.

Step 6: Agree to Fitbit’s “terms and conditions“.

Step 7: Tap “Next” and an email will be sent to you for verification.

Step 8: Verify the email, go back to the app, and tap “Next“.

Step 9: Agree to Fitbit’s “privacy policy“.

Step 10: Enter your personal information that is, name, age, gender, height, and weight.

Step 11: Tap “Agree” to accept Fitbit’s terms and policy.

Step 12: Opt for the 90-day Fitbit Premium trial (optional). That’s it; your Fitbit is all setup.

Why Can’t I Set Up My New Fitbit Device (7 Ways to Fix)

There are cases (although rare) when Fitbit may fail to set up. In such a case I would like you to try the following troubleshooting ideas.

Fix 1. Turn off the Bluetooth connection on your phone and wait for 10 to 15 seconds. Turn Bluetooth back on and try to set up your Fitbit again.

Fix 2. If you can’t set up Fitbit try to restart it. Restarting Fitbit is simply turning it off and then back on. Go to settings, scroll down, and select shutdown. Wait for 10 seconds and then press and hold the side button to turn on Fitbit.

Fix 3. You can’t set up your new Fitbit device probably because your phone has developed a system glitch. Try to restart the phone and after the restart, you should be able to set up your new Fitbit device.

Fix 4. You can’t set up a new Fitbit device with your Fitbit account because of the numerous Fitbit devices linked to the account, try to remove all the devices and then add the new device.

Fix 5. You can also fix the problem by removing the New Fitbit device from your list of paired Bluetooth devices and then adding it again.

Fix 6. If none of the above troubleshooting ideas has solved the problem try to uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app from your phone and after that try to set up your new device.

Fix 7. Lastly, if none of the above troubleshooting ideas was helpful consider getting in touch with Fitbit Customer Services; they will be willing to help.

Can You Set Up Fitbit Without the App?

You don’t necessarily need the Fitbit phone to set up the device. You can still use your Windows or Mac laptop to set up Fitbit. To set up a new device without the phone app:

Step 1: Download the Fitbit Connect app on your Windows PC, laptop, or MacBook.

Step 2: Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Connect your Fitbit device to the laptop using the USB dongle. If you don’t have the dongle use the Bluetooth feature on your laptop.

Step 4: Wait for the Fitbit Connect app to identify your device.

Step 5: Click on the Set Up New Device option.

Step 6: Sign into your account or click on Join Fitbit to create a new account if you don’t have one.

Step 7: Accept the terms and conditions and set up your profile.

Step 8: Select your Fitbit.

Step 9: Enter the pairing code you see on the Fitbit device in the Connect app on your laptop or PC.

Step 10: Lastly, click Connect to make Fitbit sync data to your Fitbit account.

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Fitbit

There are several important things you need to keep in mind before you set up Fitbit and they are as follows:

1. Compatibility 

You need to make sure that your Fitbit is compatible with iPhone, iPad, or Android you want to connect to. You can check the list of Fitbit-compatible devices on Fitbit’s website or user manual.

2. Software 

For a successful set up make sure the operating system of your iPhone or Android is updated. To have access to all features, Fitbit encourages you to use the latest OS for Android or iOS.

3. Fitbit App

You need to download the app on your phone because it is the only official way you connect and manage your Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker.

4. Bluetooth 

Make sure the Bluetooth connection on your phone is enabled the reason being Fitbit will connect to the Fitbit app on your phone through Bluetooth.

5. Battery 

It is important to make sure the watch has enough power before starting the setup process. Low power during the setup may interfere with the pairing process.

6. Location 

Location services make the app track your activities more accurately therefore make sure the option is on for more relevant data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Connect a Fitbit Without a Dongle

Yes, you can connect your Fitbit to the Fitbit Connect app without the dongle if have a Windows 10 laptop or a laptop with Bluetooth.

2. Does Fitbit Work Without a Phone?

You need a phone to set up a new Fitbit device. It is only after the setup that Fitbit can work without a smartphone, computer, or tablet however, the device won’t be entirely standalone.

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