Is Fitbit Waterproof? (Question Answered!)

Fitbits are a highly recommended wearable for monitoring health and wellness. They track various activities, including cycling, running, swimming, and more. However, one may wonder if Fitbit is waterproof, especially for swimming purposes. So, is Fitbit waterproof?

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers, e.g. Charge 5, Charge 4, Charge 3, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4, Sense, Sense 2, Inspire 2, Inspire 3, and Luxe are water resistant not waterproof. All the available models have a water resistance rating of 5ATM and that included the Kid’s Fitbit Ace Series.

In this post, I am going to share with you everything that is there to know about Fitbit’s waterproofing. So, without adding much let’s begin.

I Don’t Understand, Is Fitbit Water Resistant or Waterproof? (Understand the Difference!)

Fitbit Charge, Sense,  Inspire, Luxe, and Versa Series are not waterproof, they are water resistant. You need to understand the terms waterproof and water resistance because they are two similar terms with different meanings.

If Fitbit your Fitbit were waterproof it would mean water has zero chances of penetrating through to its internal contents, which is not the case; water can into the internal components of Fitbit when Fitbit is left in water for more than 2 hours.

On the other hand, Fitbit is considered water resistant not waterproof because in certain instances (though rare) water can penetrate through it to cause damage.

Which Fitbit Models are Water Resistant?

Is there a Waterproof Fitbit for Swimming? Fitbits are not entirely waterproof, but rather water-resistant. For parents seeking a suitable fitness tracker for their children to wear while swimming, the Fitbit Ace 2 and Ace 3 devices are recommended, as they have a water resistance rating of 5ATM.

In addition, adult models like Fitbit Sense, Versa, Inspire, Luxe, and Charge also come with a water resistance rating of 5ATM or 50 Meters, which means like Ace 2 and Ace 3 they can be worn in the pool too.

Also, apart from swimming with Fitbit Sense, Versa, Inspire, Luxe, and Charge you can track your swim workout. Check out this post featuring some of the top waterproof Fitbit watches and trackers.

A table of Fitbit Watch Models With their Water Resistance Ratings

 Fitbit ModelWater Resistance
1.Fitbit Ace 2, and Ace 3Up to 50 meters
2.Fitbit Charge, Charge 3, Charge 3, Charge 4, Charge 5Up to 50 meters
3.Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa 4Up to 50 meters
4.Fitbit Inspire, Inspire 2, Inspire 3Up to 50 meters
5.Fitbit Sense, Sense 2Up to 50 meters
6.Fitbit LuxeUp to 50 meters

But what does water resistance up to 50 meters mean on Fitbit? Explained below is the answer!

What Does Water-Resistance Up to 50 Meters Mean for Fitbit

When you see the resistance rating is 50 meters (5ATM) on Fitbit it means, you can dive with Fitbit up to 50 meters below the surface of the water and come out of the water with it still working.

Can Fitbit Get Water Damaged?

Fitbit smartwatches like Versa and Sense and activity trackers like Ace, Charge, Inspire, and Luxe can get water damaged when immersed 50 meters below water. Also, these watches may get damaged when immersed and left to stay in water for more than 2.5 hours.

Can I Swim in Salt Water With My Fitbit?

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers can be immersed up to 50 meters below water, which implies that you can have them on when swimming pool, lake, or river. Even though there’s no proof that salt water can damage Fitbit I still wouldn’t recommend swimming with it at the beach for a prolonged period because salts and electronics don’t go along. Remember to rinse your Fitbit completely with fresh water after swimming with it in salty water.

Is it OK to Shower With a Fitbit On?

Fitbit Ace, Sense, Versa, Charge, Inspire, and Luxe are water resistant up to 50 meters below water, meaning you can get wet in the shower. So, the next time you are going to take a shower don’t bother taking your Fitbit off; the shower cannot damage your Fitbit.

Even though it is OK to shower with Fitbit you need to avoid the use of detergents, lotions, and shampoos because they reduce the water resistance rating with time.

What Happens if Fitbit Gets Wet?

Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are designed to survive getting into contact with fresh water. This means nothing horrible happens when your Fitbit gets wet with water.

The best thing you can do especially when Fitbit gets wet with salty water is rinse with fresh water and wipe it dry.

On the other hand, if the water is fresh wipe your Fitbit completely dry then you can wear or charge it.

Is Fitbit Waterproof Without Water Lock?

Even with the water lock feature turned off your Fitbit Versa, Sense, Inspire, Luxe, or Charge remains to be water resistant.

The work of the water lock mode is to lock the screen preventing it from recording taps and touches while in the pool or shower.

As you can see the water lock function is just another settings option hence it has got nothing to do with Fitbit’s waterproofing. Click here to expand your knowledge about water lock on Fitbit.

Final Thoughts “Is Fitbit WaterProof?”

You need to get this; Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are not truly 100% waterproof but water resistant.

According to Fitbit, the Fitbit Ace, Sense, Versa, Inspire, Luxe, and Charge Series have a water resistance rating of 5ATM, which means they can be immersed up to 50 meters in water, for this reason, they can be worn in the shower and swimming pool.

Even though you are allowed to wear Fitbit at the beach, rinse it with fresh water after swimming because the beach water has salts, which can cause damage.

Also, after wetting the watch with fresh remember to wipe it dry before wearing or connecting it to the charger. That’s all for today, I hope the post helped!

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