Why is My Fitbit Not Counting Steps? (Let’s Fix It!)

I like Fitbits because they keep track of steps almost accurately. Some of the best Fitbits you can buy for step tracking include Fitbit Ace 3, Sense 2, Luxe, and Charge 5. Unfortunately, Fitbit Watches may sometimes fail to track steps, and that leaves us with the question, why is Fitbit not counting steps?

Your Fitbit Versa, Sense, or Charge isn’t counting steps either because the GPS is on, your hands have stopped moving, the Wear OS and Fitbit app need updating, there is a sync problem, or you’ve placed the watch on the wrist wrongly.

Fortunately, all the above causes can be addressed by getting Fitbit Luxe, Versa, Sense, and Charge to start tracking steps.

In this post, I’ll briefly discuss the above causes and offer solutions to get Fitbit to start tracking steps. So, without wasting time let’s get started!

How Does Fitbit Calculate My Steps?

A Fitbit smartwatch or activity tracker uses a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, a dedicated step count formula, and its algorithm to calculate steps taken throughout the day.  

6 Reasons Your Fitbit Versa, Charge, or Sense Is Not Counting Steps

1. The GPS Mode On Your Fitbit is Active

Fitbit Sense, Versa, and Charge come with built-in GPS. From what I know Fitbit tends to fail to count steps or count steps inaccurately when the GPS feature is on.

Therefore, you may want to check your device’s GPS connection and turn it off if it’s on. Your Fitbit Sense, Versa, or Charge should resume calculating steps once the GPS is off.

2. Your Hands are Not Moving

Fitbit Versa, Charge, or Sense won’t calculate your steps properly because your hands are not moving. Although failing to swing hands when walking doesn’t stop Fitbit from recording steps, it may affect the total step count making it lower than usual. I prefer swinging my hands when walking because it helps the built-in accelerometer detect acceleration and count steps accurately.

You just need to make sure your hand swings naturally when walking. Also, ensure you are not holding any load with the hand that has the watch while walking.

3. There could be Undergoing Sync Issues

Are you not seeing your steps on the Fitbit app? It could be because your Fitbit Watch is not synchronizing with the Fitbit app.

To get your steps on the Fitbit app you need to reconnect with your Fitbit Watch. Connecting the Fitbit app to a Fitbit device involves Bluetooth.

Therefore, make sure the Bluetooth connection on your phone and watch is active and the two devices are paired. Only then will your steps synchronize to the app. That’s it; you should see step data on the Fitbit app too.

4. You Might have Placed Fitbit Wrongly on the Wrist

Your Fitbit is not tracking your steps correctly because it keeps moving while on the wrist. For Fitbit to track steps accurately, it needs to stay still on the wrist. So, make sure the bands are firm and the device is still on the wrist.

5. Your Fitbit May have a System Glitch

A system glitch or error could also be the reason your Fitbit is not tracking your steps. In the case of a system glitch, you need to restart your Fitbit to force steps to start counting.

But how do you restart a Fitbit smartwatch or tracker to resume tracking steps? Restarting a Fitbit Watch is easy follow the steps below:

  1. Press and hold the back and lower buttons until the Fitbit logo appears; this takes about 10 seconds.
  2. Release the buttons and let the watch finish the restart process.

Alternatively, turn the watch off and on if it still can’t start counting your steps. To turn off Fitbit, go to settings, scroll down, tap the Shutdown option, and confirm the shutdown. Wait for about 10 seconds, turn the watch back on, and try walking to see if your steps begin to count on the watch.

6. You Need to Update Your Fitbit and Fitbit App

From time to time Fitbit will roll out updates for its app and device to fix bugs, improve security, and enhance usability.

The Fitbit device is counting steps and the app is not syncing with your watch to collect steps because it needs to be updated. First, try to update your Fitbit app. To update the Fitbit app;

  • Go to the Google Play or Apple Store, search for the Fitbit app, and tap the update option. After updating the Fitbit app, your step count data should sync to the app.

On the other hand, you may need to update your Fitbit if it is not showing your steps. Make sure your Fitbit is fully charged and near the phone then follow the steps below to update through the Fitbit app:

  • Tap the Fitbit app on your phone.
  • Tap the My Today tab.
  • Tap your Profile picture or icon.
  • Tap on your Fitbit Image.
  • Tap the Update button (this button only shows when there’s an update).
  • Finally, proceed with the on-screen instructions while making sure the watch is still close to the phone.

An update status bar should appear on both the Fitbit app and device to show the update progressing; wait until the update is complete and the watch will automatically restart and from there you should resume counting your steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is My Fitbit Undercounting Steps?

Differences in stride lengths and device placement cause step undercounting and overcounting on Fitbit.

2. Can I Manually Update My Steps?

Fitbit will let you manually enter your steps through the Fitbit app. However, when you manually log your steps you can’t track your exact steps.

Final Thoughts

Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers are known for performance and accuracy however, that doesn’t mean they won’t develop problems. You may find yourself in a situation where Fitbit is not counting steps and you will need to do something about it to resume tracking. I believe the solutions provided above will help fix the problem of “Fitbit not tracking steps or not tracking steps accurately”.

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